Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Set to Race a Great White Shark

The gold medal-winning swimmer will race during Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

Olympic legend Michael Phelps is about to meet his greatest competitor yet: A great white shark.

The 23-time Olympic gold medalist is set to race a great white shark during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week on July 23. It is not exactly clear from Discovery’s announcement as to just how the two will face off, but it’s billed as “an event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before.”

On the surface, the advantage goes to the shark—which has been observed to hit 25 mph in short bursts. Compare that to Phelps, who has reached 6 mph in the Olympics, an amazing feat for a human.

There are no further details in the press release, such as how the shark will know it’s in a race and if the two will be in the same body of water, but according to Instagram, Phelps is already preparing.

And if racing a great white shark isn’t doesn’t prove he’s courageous, Phelps will have another shot. The Shark Week finale, “Shark School with Michael Phelps” will air on July 30 and has Phelps swimming within two feet of a hammerhead shark.

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