Locker Room App Gives Fans a New Way to Connect and Talk Sports

The social audio application launches today on the App Store

Locker Room App Gives Fans a New Way to Connect and Talk Sports
Football fans celebrate in action during a preseason NFL game.
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Launching today on the App Store, Locker Room is a new application that allows sports fans to connect with one another as well as league insiders to discuss the latest news and rumors in real-time.

Basically, Locker Room provides a way for fans to enter into a “room” that has a virtual “stage” where someone is speaking. The room’s host controls who is on stage at any given time and guests can “raise their hand” when they have something to say. In addition to the live audio conversation, users can also chat or share their opinions via text if they aren’t chosen to speak, according to Axios.

Betty Labs, the company behind Locker Room, raised $9.3 million in seed funding for the app from athletes including Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and Baron Davis.

“Locker Room lets ‘commentary’ mean whatever you want it to mean. Create a watch party, react in real-time to big plays, or just listen to a conversation that suits your mood,” Betty Labs founder Howard Akumiah told Axios. “It’s not just about Joe Buck not being your only option; it’s about reinventing the century-old idea of live commentary.”

In addition to discussions in rooms, Locker Room provides a way for fans to get together for watch parties, listen to and interact with live podcasts and take part in panel discussions with experts.

“Locker Room is the only place for live audio conversations about the takes, rumors, news, and teams you care about,” according to the company.

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