Watch This Stunt Skier Land the World’s First Full Rail Loop

But first, watch him fall. A lot.

By The Editors
December 15, 2016 9:00 am

Gravity, as Sir Isaac Newton found out when he was sitting under that apple tree, is a b*tch.

Swedish stunt skier Jesper Tjäder discovered the same thing, except he wasn’t relaxing under a tree in 1666 England, he was attempting to complete the world’s first rail loop on skis.

Tjäder ended up on his head time and time again while trying to land the tough trick but, as the GoPro video above proves, practice — even if it takes two years of it — will eventually make perfect.

To see more of what Tjäder can do (and there’s a lot of it) check out his film Supervention II.

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