Ed O’Bannon Thinks the NCAA is Broken

The NCAA champion writes about his battle against the organization.

26 Mar 1995: Forward Ed O''Bannon of the UCLA Bruins celebrates after a game against the Connecticut Huskies. UCLA won the game, 102-96.
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In a piece for The Players’ Tribune, Ed O’Bannon writes about how the NCAA is broken. The amount of money that student-athletes bring to universities is in the billions, O’Bannon writes. And you would think that the people who are helping to make that money would get a portion of it. Instead, the former NCAA champion says, “the coaches, the athletic directors, the trainers, doctors — everyone on campus is getting paid off of that money that the athlete is bringing in. Except the athletes themselves.” O’Bannon does not think that it matters if you’re from UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, or a smaller school, everyone except the athletes are getting paid. O’Bannon wrote a book about this issue, called Court Justice: The Inside Story of My Battle Against the NCAA. He writes that it took years to put together and that he couldn’t have done it alone. He also made a video about his journey, which you can watch below.

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