Whiny Bryson DeChambeau Blames Play at British Open on Driver

He hit just four of 14 fairways on his way to shooting a 1-over-par 71

Bryson DeChambeau hitting a ball during the British Open. The golf star blamed his poor performance on his driver.
Bryson DeChambeau during the British Open at The Royal St. George's Golf Club.
Richard Sellers/PA Images via Getty

After parting ways with his longtime caddie just hours before the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit a couple of weeks ago, Bryson DeChambeau may be looking to ditch something else following a poor showing during the first round of the British Open at Royal St. George’s Golf Club in England.

After hitting just four of 14 fairways on his way to shooting a 1-over-par 71, the eight-time PGA Tour winner blamed his performance on the driver he was using on his tee shots.

“That’s what I said a couple of days ago; if I can hit it down the middle of the fairway, that’s great, but with the driver right now, the driver sucks,” he said. “It’s not a good face for me, and we’re still trying to figure out how to make it good on the mishits. I’m living on the razor’s edge, like I’ve told people for a long time. When I did get it outside of the fairway, like in the first cut and whatnot, I catch jumpers out of there and I couldn’t control my wedges.”

DeChambeau is currently using a custom-made Cobra Radspeed driver that is 46 inches long and has 5 degrees of loft, according to Golfweek.

Cobra’s tour operations manager Ben Schomin is one of the people who designs and builds DeChambeau’s drivers and irons to his very unique specifications. Schomin also caddied for DeChambeau two weeks ago at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in place of Tim Tucker. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t overly pleased to hear 27-year-old DeChambeau whining about this Cobra club like a petulant child.

“It’s just really, really painful when he says something that stupid,” Schomin told Golfweek. “He has never really been happy, ever. Like, it’s very rare when he’s happy. It’s like an 8-year-old that gets mad at you. They might fly off the handle and say, ‘I hate you.’ But then you go. ‘Whoa, no you don’t.’ We know as adults that they really don’t mean that and I know that if I got him cornered right now and said, ‘What the hell did you say that for,’ he would say that he was mad. He didn’t really mean to say it that harshly. He knows how much everyone bends over backwards for him, but it’s still not cool.”

Not being cool appears to be par for the course for DeChambeau. He’ll get back out there on Friday, probably with the same caddie but maybe a new driver.

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