Brett Favre Returns to the Airwaves — With One Big Caveat

He's unlikely to talk about his Mississippi scandal

Brett Favre broadcasting
Brett Favre in 2020.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

It’s been a rough couple of years for Brett Favre’s public image, which has gone from “talented quarterback” to “guy embroiled in a public funding scandal.” That’s been the case ever since news broke that he was paid a substantial amount of Mississippi state funds to give a number of speeches that he never gave. The scope of the scandal turned out to be even larger than that, eventually encompassing a volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Now, Front Office Sports reports that Favre will return to the airwaves by joining a show on The Blaze, the conservative media network originally founded by Glenn Beck. But if you’re expecting a candid take on all things Favre-related, from his playing days to his legal troubles to his There’s Something About Mary cameo, be warned: there are some limitations on what he can and can’t say in his new gig.

Favre is one of the defendants in a civil lawsuit being brought by the Mississippi Department of Human Services. As the Associated Press reported, Favre is one of dozens of defendants involved in the lawsuit. And, as Front Office Sports noted, he’s also under a gag order with respect to the lawsuit — so if you’re expecting to tune in to Favre’s show to hear him talk about the matter, you may be disappointed.

Ex-Mississippi Governor Allegedly Helped Brett Favre Defraud Welfare System
Phil Bryant allegedly helped Favre obtain funds to build a volleyball center at the University of Southern Mississippi

Favre is set to appear on Fearless With Jason Whitlock, which — as per its website — finds its commentators “[protecting] the realm of common sense and [challenging] groupthink mandated by elites.”

He isn’t the only scandal-plagued former NFL player to team up with Whitlock in the near future. Front Office Sports reports that Warren Sapp, who once admitted to buying an NFL Network coworker a sex toy, will also appear on Fearless.

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