BASE Jumper Leaps to Safety After Stunt Goes Dangerously Wrong

Luck factors heavily into the success of an extreme feat, whether it’s a simple backflip or backflipping off a rusty cable running between two mountains in Armenia. The video below shows the latter and, while it’s pretty brilliant, it was also poorly planned. The result being a stunt that looks like it was pulled off by an amateur.

While visiting the Nagorno-Karabakh region in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, a group of extreme sports enthusiasts from Moscow wanted to BASE jump from a rusty cable. For Sergey Utyugov, it was a stunt he often dreamed of. Something tells us that he didn’t dream of it going down like this, though. Not anticipating the slack in the cable, the rusty wire bows under his height and basically becomes an accidental zipline sending him flying out into a valley. Luckily, Utyugov was joined by two friends who were there to assist. Watch what happens in the video below.

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