The “Dangerous” Sex Position That Allegedly Accounts for 50% of Penile Fractures

A TikTok doctor is warning men to be careful about the hazards of a relatively popular position

A couple laying in bed together partially naked.

Dr. Karan Raj, a popular doctor on TikTok, has broken many users’ hearts after warning them their favorite sex position can possibly break their or their partner’s dick.

The UK-based surgeon, who has a whopping 4.3 million followers on TikTok, said reverse cowgirl “is the most dangerous sex position,” and causes 50% of penile fractures in a video posted to the app on Monday which now has 2.5 million views. For those unacquainted, reverse cowgirl refers to a sex position where the person receiving penetration sits on top of their partner while facing away from them, thus allowing the receiving partner to stare at the penetrating partner’s feet (it’s super sexy).

Raj goes on to explain why the position can be dangerous. “If there is any erratic thrusting or if the movements of the two parties are not in sync it could lead to the [penis] slipping out and being crushed by the female pubic bone,” he warns.

And while your penis is boneless, it can still fracture. A penile fracture occurs when there is a tear in the tunica albuginea, explains Raj, which is a piece of tissue that enables the penis to get enlarged and erect. If something goes array during intercourse and you end up with a torn tunica albuginea, the injury can swell up to the size of a literal eggplant. If this does happen, you’ll need to find an emergency room ASAP, where you’ll most likely need surgery. If for some reason you don’t seek emergency services, you could have permanent sexual and urinary problems.

After hearing the warning, some TikTok users were pretty bummed to learn their preferred sex position can cause serious damage, with one user noting that he once heard his dick “crack” during reverse cowgirl.

Now, all you reverse cowgirls and cowguys out there might not need to hang up your saddles quite yet. According to the New York Post, a 2017 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research that looked at the relationship between sexual positions and penile fractures contradicts Raj’s claims. Reverse cowgirl didn’t even make the list; instead, doggy style was found to be the most dangerous sex position, causing the most dick fractures, at 41% of all cases. Missionary was the second most dangerous (25.5% of cases) followed by “women-on-top” (10%).

So looks like nearly every common sex position has the ability to snap your member in half.

While the study doesn’t specify if “woman-on-top” includes “women-on-top-backward,” I’m sure reverse cowgirl also has the ability to cause similar harm. So Raj might not be entirely incorrect here, but branding reverse cowgirl as the “world’s most dangerous sex position” feels like an unfair singling-out when compared with the, uh, hard data. The lesson here should really just be to stay a bit mindful during intercourse, and not get so lost in the sauce that you accidentally fracture your penis so bad it swells to the size of a large purple vegetable.

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