The Biggest Trend for Tinder Users in 2022 Is the “Situationship”

The dating app's "Year in Swipe" report suggests users want a comfortable middle ground in their relationships.

A hand taps on the Tinder app installed on a smartphone. The dating app launched on September 12, ten years ago. The app's "Year in Swipe" report was just released
Anyone looking for a situationship?
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You’re not single. You’re not in a relationship. As Tinder suggests in its Year in Swipe overview, users of the dating app prefer to think of themselves in “situationships” … and those situationship dates probably aren’t taking place in a restaurant or bar.

“Millions of young adults who started their dating lives in lockdown showed they were definitely out and ready to mingle IRL [in 2022], and unlike previous generations, they were dating on their terms and were done playing games,” per Tinder’s press release.

The main takeaway here is the aforementioned situationship, described as “more than a hookup, but not quite a traditional relationship … yet clearly defined.” Tinder saw a whopping 49% increase of users using that word in their bios.

An infographic from Tinder's Year of Swipe
An infographic from Tinder’s Year of Swipe

Some other big dating takeaways from Tinder’s Year in Swipe:

  • The dinner date with drinks is dead? Picnics, mini-golf and drive-ins all saw increased use in Tinder bios, while hiking and bowling were the top two dating activities.
  • Yoga, vintage fashion and concerts were the “interests most attractive to a match” in the U.S.
  • Globally, the top interests in Tinder profiles were sneakers, sushi and “90s kid”
  • Single people are also politically motivated. 53% of young singles said knowing a potential match on a dating app is a regular voter would make them more attractive, and 75% of singles were looking for a match who is respectful of or invested in social issues.
  • Astrology is in: Star signs were the most popular type of descriptor added to Tinder profiles behind smoking preferences, pets and diet. Oddly, star signs were most likely to match with the exact same zodiac sign.

You can read the full Tinder Year in Swipe report here.

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