Review: I Tried Pure for Men’s Stay Ready Fiber Supplements

One sex educator/OnlyFans star puts Pure for Men's prep-time-reducing fiber regimen to the test

June 6, 2022 7:07 am
Photo shows a bottle of Pure for Men's Stay Ready Fiber supplements on a bathroom countertop
Pure for Men's Stay Ready Fiber supplements are your key to easier prep, better sex and better health overall
Courtesy of Pure for Men

Douching has always been a source of frustration for me. I joined the sex toy industry as a sex shop salesperson when I was 18 and had never had anal sex — but I instinctively wanted to. However, I was somewhat deterred by the same concerns that many newbies have when it comes to anal: 1. Will it hurt? and 2. What about poop? Both are perfectly natural curiosities and both address some very real logistics of that part of the body. 

Personally, I am obsessed with hygiene. I hate bad smells and I lack a sense of toilet humor. Therefore, it was vital that I discovered a way to have anal sex without the risk of mess. I discovered douching at work after first encountering bulb douches, which, if you’re unfamiliar, are designed to spray water into the anus, up into the lower intestine and flush out any residue. In other words: it cleans the excess poop and other residue out of the entrance of your anus so you can have anal play without it getting messy. 

Let’s get one thing out of the way: You don’t need to douche. It’s a personal choice, one many people make because most of us want to be sure we’re ultra-clean before engaging in any back-door play. In most cases, however, a regimen of healthy dietary and lifestyle practices is enough to virtually eliminate, or at least significantly decrease, any need for douching — and that’s where Pure for Men, a wellness company that promotes cleanliness and confidence, comes in.

The reality is, the majority of us could benefit from some additional fiber in our diets, regardless of what we’re doing in the bedroom. No matter who you are or what you like in bed, fiber is essential for digestion and overall health, yet only five percent of men get enough fiber in their diet.

Pure for Men sells fiber supplements designed to reduce the need for excess prep and help anal sex lovers embrace spontaneity. In addition to a line of body and skincare products, Pure for Men’s bread and butter is their Stay Ready fiber supplements — which regularly grace the Instagram feeds of some of the world’s most sought-after adult film stars. Why? Because the use of fiber supplements can reduce time spent douching (or eliminate the need to douche altogether), leaving stars (and their back doors) ready to get up close and real personal with the camera. 

As someone who recently started my own OnlyFans, the prospect of camera-ready confidence with little-to-no douching is certainly appealing. The content creation process, complete with HD-recording equipment, definitely highlights my personal desire for flawless clean and absolute comfort on camera. I wouldn’t want to record and post anything in which I didn’t feel completely clean and confident. So now, more than ever, it’s vital I feel as ready as possible, because I can see it all in high definition, baby! Ever on a quest for the cleanest possible hole shot (and mess- and anxiety-free sexual encounters) I figured I’d give Pure For Men’s Stay Ready fiber supplements a whirl.

What are Pure for Men’s fiber supplements, and how do they work?

To clarify, fiber supplements are not the same thing as laxatives. (Content Warning: TMI ahead.) Unlike laxatives, which stimulate bowel movement and loosen the stool, these supplements are packed full of fiber to help firm your stool and reduce the stickiness of it. The base ingredient is Psyllium Husk, a naturally occurring, plant-derived source of fiber that increases the “bulk” of your stool. Thus, when you go to the bathroom, the majority of the feces is released with little-to-no residue, resulting in much faster douching — or no douching at all — with less rigid dietary management. 

Basically, preparing for anal sex is easier when our stool is bulkier, and thus easier to pass in one trip to the bathroom. If that’s your goal, then fiber — specifically Pure for Men’s proprietary blend of both soluble and insoluble fiber — is your new best friend. 

The Pure for Men Stay Ready Fiber Collection
The Pure for Men Stay Ready Fiber Collection
Pure for Men

“When taken with water, the fiber turns into a soft, gentle mass that slowly works its way down the digestive system,” Pure for men CMO Fabian Prado explains. “Imagine a sponge working its way down your digestive tract picking up anything left behind. So when you go to the bathroom you really feel empty.” That “empty” feeling, notes Prado, is usually the desired result if mess-free fun is your end goal.

Pure For Men’s fiber supplements aim to help users “stay ready” for spontaneous (anal) sex by simply incorporating a daily dose of fiber into their diet, without having to go to more extreme, less convenient measures of maintaining anal-ready hygiene.

How to use Pure for Men

Pure for Men’s Stay Ready fiber supplement comes in two forms: capsules, which come in packs of 60, 120 and 240, and powder designed to be dissolved in water. For the sake of convenience, I opted for the pills over the powder.

Either way, users are instructed to take the recommended dose (three capsules or three grams of powder) twice a day with at least 16 ounces of water. “It is important to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day,” says Prado, adding that users can expect to start seeing results within one to three days, and full results with consistent use.

I decided to start taking one dose of the capsules as soon as I woke up, and then a second after I had dinner. After a day, I noticed that when I went to the bathroom things felt firmer and my stomach felt emptied. After 36 hours, I tried a douche and, to my very pleasant surprise, the water was running clear almost immediately. (For reference, douching can typically take me anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes using a handheld bulb douche, though usually closer to the 30 to 45 minutes side. Again, I like to feel really clean — especially since my OnlyFans debut.) 

Pure for Men's Stay Ready Fiber Capsules, 240 count
Pure for Men’s Stay Ready Fiber Capsules
Pure for Men

Honestly, this felt a little too good to be true, so I thought I’d give it another couple of days for the ingredients to settle into my system and show more realistic, long-term results. On day four, I tried a douche again and the water was clear after one spray, which is very impressive, and definitely not something that I’ve been used to. These results have remained consistent since, and going to the bathroom has been, well, a thoroughly inoffensive experience. I haven’t felt “backed up,” which was a slight concern of mine, and haven’t experienced any difference in sensation in my stomach. 

That said, as someone who has a sensitive stomach and has had issues with chronic constipation due to dehydrating my system a few years ago, I definitely want to highlight the importance of staying hydrated when you are taking a supplement that’s going to help firm your stool. I drink a lot of water daily anyway, but I made sure I was drinking at least eight glasses of liquid a day. 

Before starting my Pure for Men journey, I asked my followers if they had any curiosities or concerns about this product. The biggest worry seemed to be that the fiber would make the stool too firm, and therefore difficult to pass. After talking to my sex worker friends who regularly take Pure for Men, the consensus was that any such issues would probably be due to a lack of sufficient hydration, which Prado can confirm. “Hydration is essential,” he says. “The only way fiber works is by mixing with water. If someone does not consume enough water while taking fiber it may actually cause constipation.”

So, to reiterate: STAY HYDRATED! Seriously. Set alarms if need be. 

Also, I would advise consuming lots of extra liquids if you are drinking alcohol. I felt a little extra dehydrated after an evening of some wine while taking Pure for Men, so I just made sure I kept myself topped up on (non-alcoholic) liquids.

A brief word on Reset

For those looking to kickstart a new chapter of their digestive wellness journey with a squeaky clean digestive system, Pure for Men also offers Reset capsules, designed to be taken as a three to 10 day cleanse. Pure for Men CEO Lawrence Johnson says the product is essentially a “reset button” for digestive health, ideal for post-holiday recovery or otherwise getting your body back on a healthier track. “If daily fiber is like topping off your fuel tank, a reset or cleanse would be an oil change,” says Johnson.

A bottle of Pure for Men's Reset cleanse pills sits on a kitchen countertop
Pure for Men’s Reset cleanse
Pure for Men

These pills work to gently detoxify your system — and, again, you should make sure to stay nice and hydrated when taking them. I have to say, I really did feel a significant increase in energy after day two of the Reset pills, and my stomach felt nice and light. There were a couple of days where I fell behind with my hydration and felt it in my body, so, again, just make an effort to stay on top of your fluid intake. 

Final takeaways

Taking Pure For Men’s fiber supplements has really given me extra confidence for sexual activity, as well as buying me time. As someone who works full time, alongside freelance writing and filming for OnlyFans, my free time is precious and I don’t have any particular desire to spend my evenings in the bathroom prepping. Since taking Pure for Men, I have felt more prepared to film on a regular basis and I haven’t needed to devote my evenings to prepping for the camera. 

I will definitely continue taking the Stay Ready supplements on a daily basis. Besides the camera- and sex-ready confidence they’ve given me, I’ve also felt less bloated and much cleaner after going to the bathroom — which is important. As I said at the start: I’m a hygiene freak.

I would definitely recommend Pure For Men to those who like or are interested in anal and want to enjoy penetration without any paranoia about accidents. Just keep on top of your routine and stay hydrated; think of the capsules as a flower that needs to be watered — one that will bloom into the sparkling clean butt of your dreams.

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