OnlyFans’ Hottest New Rising Stars? Mexican Prisoners.

A group of alleged inmates in a Mexican prison have apparently been running an OnlyFans account from behind bars

closeup photography of grey metal gate keyhole
Grant Durr on Unsplash

More than a year into the pandemic OnlyFans boom, it’s a reasonable hyperbole, if not a strictly factual statement, to say that everyone has an OnlyFans. Your friends, your coworkers, your adult children, your wife — there’s a good chance any of those people, and any given person you interact with on a daily basis, might have an OnlyFans. And now, even prisoners in Mexico are cashing in on the trend from behind bars.

An OnlyFans page allegedly run by inmates of a Mexican prison is apparently going viral. According to Vice, the page consists of fairly graphic content filmed behind bars with phone cameras, which, while not technically allowed, are apparently common within Latin American prisons. The page reportedly features multiple videos of various sexual acts including masturbation, oral and group sex, as well as a collection of explicit photos depicting “the alleged inmates showing off their tattooed bodies and penises.”

Moreover, the creators behind the account are actually profiting off their content, and if the alleged inmates are indeed inmates, this would seem to mark the first time prisoners have made money from behind bars uploading explicit content online.

The account has attracted fans, mostly male, from around the world, with various commenters praising the content and requesting more of everything, from romantic “tongue kissing” to “violent prison sex.”

The alleged inmates behind the account were rumored to be keeping their content mill running behind bars by bribing guards to look the other way, a source connected to a related Twitter account told Vice. The site where the content is based is rumored to be Puebla’s San Miguel prison, which has a history of corruption.

Anyway, congrats to the (alleged) inmates on their groundbreaking foray into internet porn, once again solidifying OnlyFans’ reputation as the biggest shift to happen in the porn world since the internet itself.

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