Here’s What Kim Kardashian Has to Say About Sex (With Pete Davidson) After 40

Sounds like those BDE rumors are true

Kim Kardashian is seen arriving at Ristorante Puny in Portofino on May 20, 2022 in Portofino, Italy. Here's what Kim has to say about sex after 40 and Pete Davidson's Big Dick Energy.
"Grandma kept on telling me, '40 is the best sex,' and I was like, 'OK. I’m ready.'"
NINO/GC Images

Unlike her sister Kourtney, it would seem that Kim Kardashian is very much not on a sex fast. In fact, Kim would like us all to know that she happens to be having a lot of great sex with her Big Dick Energy-having boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Kardashian opened up about her post-divorce, post-40 sex life in a recent episode of her famous family’s new Hulu reality series, The Kardashians, suggesting that rumors of Davidson’s sexual prowess have not been exaggerated.

Speaking to her sisters Kourtney and Khloé, Kim shared some wisdom about sex after 40 passed down from none other than their grandmother. “When I turned 40, everyone said it’s the best sex of your life,” Kim said. “And grandma kept on telling me, ’40 is the best sex,’ and I was like, ‘OK. I’m ready.’”

Apparently grandma knows best, as Kim hinted with a wink that her post-40 sex life has yet to disappoint. While she didn’t name names, one can safely assume that the sexual glo-up she hinted at can be attributed, at least in part, to her new beau Pete Davidson. The comedian’s rumored skills between the sheets have been the subject of extensive media attention ever since his former fiancée, Ariana Grande, told the world he was packing some serious schlong four years ago. The phrase “Big Dick Energy” was born, and the rest is history.

As it turns out, the rumors were enough to pique Kardashian’s interest. During the episode, the star explained that when she was first pursuing her now-boyfriend, it was all in the name of getting some of that BDE. “I wasn’t even thinking like, ‘Oh, my God. I’m going to be in a relationship with him,’” Kim said in an on-screen confessional, adding that she had “heard about this BDE” and “was just basically DTF.” Clearly, Kim succeeded in getting a chance to verify those rumors for herself.

While one has to wonder whether it’s not perhaps a tad problematic to keep sexually objectifying Pete Davidson in this manner, I am glad to hear that Kim is enjoying her piece of the golden goose that seems to be the former SNL star’s dick. Congrats to the happy couple on all the great sex.

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