Couples Who Get Drunk Together Are Happier

The proof is in the pinot

July 22, 2016 9:00 am

It seems counterintuitive to say the least, given how much havoc demon alcohol can wreak in one’s personal life. But according to science, one key to a happy and long-lasting marriage is poured over the rocks … or up, or neat, or whatever suits you really.

In fact, a new study published in the Journals of Gerontology  asked over 4,000 participants married 33 years or more how many times per week they drank, what they drank and how much they consumed in relation to their satisfaction with their marriage. 

And lo and behold, couples in which both partners were knockin’ ‘em back reported higher levels of satifaction. (Maybe they were too boozed up to know how misterable they were?) The amount of alcohol, the type, and the frequency of consumption did not conclusively affect the quality of the relationship. It just came down to whether both partners drank or just one did.

Indeed, couples in which one partner was a teetotaler and the other a lush didn’t fare well at all. Whereas if both partners abstained, their relationships tended to be better. 

Then again, maybe we didn’t need science to tell us that similar interests make people compatible. If one partner likes metal music and the other is more of a classic rock fan, at some point that pairing could become insufferable for both parties. Whereas, if they are both Third Eye Blind megafans, then at the expense of your neighbor’s ear drums, they are likely to be quite happy together.

Accordingly, the study’s findings make perfect sense. If you’ve ever been the sober one amidst your drunken friends and thought, “How in God’s name do I hang out with these animals,” they definitely make sense.

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