A Colombian Landmark Became the Backdrop for a Sex Video. Cue the Controversy.

The video was made at the Rock of Guatapé

Rock of Guatapé
The Rock of Guatapé.
Dasha Shishkova - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

It looms high over the Colombian town of Guatapé, and has existed for millions of years. That’s the Rock of Guatapé, a landmark that’s home to a shrine to the Virgin Mary and a statue of mountaineer Luis Eduardo Villegas López, who became the first person to climb it in 1954. More recently, the Rock of Guatapé factored prominently in a Pornhub video uploaded by an OnlyFans personality – and that’s where the trouble began.

As an article at Gizmodo describes, Katty Blake uploaded a video to Pornhub in which she and her manager (and significant other) “[engage] in oral sex” after the couple descended the steps on one side of the landmark.

The organization in charge of tourism for the Rock was not amused, and posted a lengthy message on Instagram criticizing the video. “La Piedra Tourist Center makes enormous efforts to protect the morals and good customs of our visitors. In this sense, it emphatically rejects the actions of those who have used our facilities for the use of videos of a pornographic nature,” the Center stated.

“We are going to carry out the respective investigations to initiate legal actions against the people involved in the obscene act, which not only affects our name, but also the municipality of Guatapé and the region,” it added. “We will take the necessary measures to prevent such situations from happening again.”

For her part, Gizmodo reports, Blake was defiant, posting a video to Instagram in which she said, “They criticize me for making porn videos in public places when in fact what I do is turn them into historical monuments.”

OnlyFans Backtracks on Explicit Content Ban
In the wake of intense backlash, OnlyFans is now claiming the controversial ban on explicit content will be “suspended”

According to Insider’s reporting, local officials are looking into whether or not to fine Blake and her manager for the incident. The fines would reportedly be just over $100 each, with law enforcement keeping an eye out for like-minded videos being filmed at other notable sites.

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