A New ‘Bespoke’ Condom Company Offers 60 Different Sizes

Maybe don't visit your tailor for this one

October 13, 2017 9:00 am

The perfect condom? Pipe dream.

The perfect-fitting condom, though? We’re now one step closer to a reality.

Recent changes made by the Food and Drug Administration (which regulates condoms as medical devices, hence the hurdles to making radical reconfigurations) and industry-standard groups now allow for the production of bespoke condoms.

At the forefront of this new sizing movement: the Boston-based, decidedly unsexy sounding Global Protection Corp., which sells myONE Perfect Fit condoms in 60 sizes (10 lengths and nine widths). While they’ve been selling in Europe since 2011, they can now ply their custom raincoats on this side of the pond.

Why go bespoke? Regular condoms were once regulated at least 6.69 inches long, but the average erect penis is about an inch shorter (not yours, of course). To find your perfect condom fit, go here. You can measure with the company’s Fitkit, enter your own measurements or “get a size recommendation,” which is a short questionnaire and a $2 sample kit.

And be honest. Don’t kid yourself.

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