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Where to Take Her

Where to ski this year, and why

  • 03 January 2014

Because every man needs a plan, and some of us need that plan with pretty pictures, we present Where to Take Her: a series that answers a gentleman's most pressing lifestyle questions and recurs whenever we get around to it.

This go-round: our picks for skiing getaways, from high-tone to rustic. Put on your goggles.

Sugar Bowl: Norden, CA. It’s an easy drive with plenty of slope options for the whole family. No brainer. But don’t be fooled by Mt. Disney. That sucker’s covered in black diamonds.

Squaw Valley: Olympic Valley, CA. Best-of-breed for Cali skiing. Gorgeous terrain and many a challenging trail. Plus your pass gets you access to Alpine Meadows. Variety, son.

Amangani: Jackson Hole, WY. Eyeball the Grand Tetons hearthside through a wall of two-story portrait windows, grab a massage and a schvitz — and who knows, maybe do a little skiing.

Mammoth: Mammoth Lakes, CA. Come for the slopes, but Mammoth’s got a firebrand of a nightlife under the hood. Wine bars. Pubs. Nightclubs. There’s even a tiki bar. And that’s only what's official.

Alta Crystal Resort: Greenwater, WA. Hot tub. Heated pool. Log cabin. Located at the feet of Mt. Rainier and Crystal Mountain in the Snoqualmie National Forest — classic luxury with a classic feel.

The Specifics

Where to Take Her: Winter Skiing Edition

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