This Watch Wants to Save Your Life

It can do everything but actually exercise for you

October 7, 2016 9:00 am

Used to be a watch told the time. 

Now — well, you know the drill. It can do everything R2D2 can do, including project an image of Princess Leia on your Tatooine-ian wall. 

But R2D2 couldn’t take your blood pressure. R2D2 didn’t want to get you fighting fit. R2D2 couldn’t turn you into a consummate machine of peak fitness, tracking every single element you need to understand to become the best possible you.

The SOWATCH — made right here in S.F. — does those things, though. And it costs less than a round of beers. 

Despite the unfortunate name and — worse — the unpleasantly stylized capitalization, SOWATCH is a monster of a device. It can do all the normal health-related stuff your current smartwatch already does: GPS, speed, heart rate, temperature, distance, and time. Easy. Done. On top of that, though, the SOWATCH team swears this is the first watch to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and heart-rate variability. 

Don’t like the results? Set it up to automatically send a text to a loved one or your doctor. (We’re sure your doctor would love that.) 

Personally, we plan to wear it to high-stakes meetings and use it as an excuse to walk out and go to the beach when things get too stressful. 

Currently being Kickstarted, fast movers can reserve one for $105, with prices going up from there. 

Now go get healthy. 

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