Shear Simplicity

By The Editors
October 9, 2013 9:00 am

The closest most men get to being pampered is a haircut and a shave — a devotional too often ruined by its attendant displeasures, e.g., a butt-stiffening bench wait in the company of Brylcreem-stained Newsweeks.

Skip the line at J.P. Kempt, just opened off Divis and — wonder of tonsorial profundities — taking reservations now.

Owner and twenty-five year grooming vet Shorty Maniace had a novel idea when he built the place: offer premium trims and straight-razor shaves, and toss the walk-up-only, in-and-out-in-twenty mentality.

On offer: talent. Shorty worked his way to master status from sweeping shop floors. Man can vet a team. Team can perform the necessaries skillfully.

Product-wise, Kempt is slinging Grease, Baxter and Imperial to name a few — seriously, the list is long.  

And reading materials are second to none, with graphic novels, a definitive guide to beard maintenance and the occasional stashed Playboy on tap.

Plus: fresh produce. Refer to the apple box on the counter. Help yourself.

No lines, though.

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