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Falconry 101

Falcon Spirits: Makers of tasty epicurean gin

  • 13 January 2014

Archaic laws banning non-car use be damned, we love a good garage startup in these parts.

The car barn trend for '14: microdistilleries.

To wit, Falcon Spirits, passion project of a former biochemist gone Willy-Wonka-grade taste scientist and new-kid producer of one stellar local gin.

It's called Botanica Spiritvs (yes, "Spiritvs," with a "vs") the result of nearly two years of experimentation and cultivation by Farid Dormishian, featuring twelve botanicals distilled separately and balanced by a steady hand and patient tastebuds.

That's the scientific method at work.

The flavor, smooth and complex (more Hemingway than Hawking), blends notes of locally sourced Meyer lemon and oroblanco grapefruit alongside lavender, rosemary and a thumping juniper bass-line.

Begging the question: of all the spirits to start with, why one as complicated as gin?

Farid's sly answer: "If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere."

Ask for it by name at Cavallo Point or Berretta, or grab a bottle at Jug Shop. If online's your thing, K&L has you covered.

And yes, there really is a cars-only law.

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