Basically an Easy Button for Cannabis Cards

The doctor will see you now. Like, right now. On your phone.

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Basically an Easy Button for Cannabis Cards
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15 December 2015

Fact: your correspondent’s doctor is a 76-year-old bullmoose of a man she’d sooner ask for a smartphone recommendation than a medical marijuana prescription.

You may share that anxiety.

Or maybe you don’t have a doctor in the Bay Area.

But if you want to buy pot legally, you need to have a doctor’s permission.

Eaze, one of the original app-powered pot delivery services, has a new solution: EazeMD. For $30, “patients” can video conference with an actual doctor via app.  Forms are involved. A medical history is taken. Motivations are discussed. All above table.

The most common grounds for a medical marijuana prescription in California are back pain, migraines, depression and anxiety. Pretty sure that covers everyone in San Francisco.

If this is what the future brings, we can live with the murderous robots.

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