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Art Phone

1AM Mobile is your all-access pass to street art

  • 20 June 2013

Whether the queer stencilings of Jeremy Novy or Upper Playground’s giant walrus lasering the GGB, wow — San Francisco has some amazing street art that you know absolutely nothing about!

If only you could point your iPhone at a wall and find out more about that piece of art. 

Well now you can, thanks to 1AM Mobile.

Just dropped by SoMa’s venerable 1AM Gallery — as in First Amendment Gallery, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing — 1AM Mobile is a user-curated app that helps you become a street-art connoisseur in a few taps and swipes. 

See a mural you like? Open the app and get details, maybe even turn-by-turn directions to other works by the same artist.

If what you see isn't in the app, take a picture and let the community fill in the vitals. 

Best of all, as time makes short work of these ephemeral bits of the landscape, the app keeps a tidy record of what's come and gone, making you something of an art historian.

It’s your city. It’s your art collection. It’s time you were in the know.

The Specifics

First Amendment

1000 Howard St.
at 6th
(415) 861-5089

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