This Must Be the Place

One of New York's hippest ladies shows us around town

By The Editors
February 13, 2017 9:00 am


Ever look around and wonder where all the cool, pretty girls hang out?

You ain’t alone, mon frere.

Luckily, your pals here at InsideHook know a few (cool, pretty girls, that is). And we also know that the best way to figure out where they congregate is to, you know, ask them.

Hence: This Must Be the Place, in which a stylish lass-about-town schools us lads on the best spots in NYC to eat, date, shop and more.

First up: Lauren Gould, the brains behind The Marcy Stop, on her go-to sunset spot, the pants no fella should be caught dead in, and the joys of first-date ice skating.


Alright, Lauren, tell us: What’s the best place in New York City …

… that you associate with a memorable date?
The Standard

Late one evening during an especially frigid winter, my boyfriend and I were on a double date and stumbled upon The Standard’s ice skating rink late. It was like we thought we were in the Ice Capades. Had a bunch of spills on the ice but a ton of laughs. Learn more


… to unassumingly show off my knowledge of cool stuff to do in the city?

Sign up at to get an alert on all the best fashion sample sales coming up. They host everyone from local to International designers and it’s THE BEST way to find a designer deal.

… get a garment tuned up for myself or my sweetheart?

My tailor at Kapri II Cleaners on Houston and Ave A. He’s fixed many a terrible bridesmaid dress for me.


Socially Driven

Live in a city long enough and you forget how to explore it. And that familiarity breeds boredom. We find that the best way to break that cycle is to drive on someone else’s roads, so to speak. It’s the reason we asked Lauren Gould to show us around today. It’s also the reason Mercedes-Benz just launched Socially Driven, a new platform where users can create, share and unearth parts unknown in their zip code of choice. Ready to rediscover your city?


…get a sweat on (perhaps in the company of a hip gal or two)?

The Axle Workout. It’s all derived from various athletic-training-based moves and builds up a ton of endurance and core strength while still being fun and set to great music.

… to buy a lady a really kick-ass, better-than-ordinary gift?

For clothes, Reformation. For jewelry, Catbird.

On what a guy shouldn’t be caught dead wearing:
Pajamas or sweatpants in public. It’s lazy.


… to relax and decompress?
Grand Ferry Park

Its sweeping views of Manhattan and the Williamsburg bridge make you feel like you’re so far removed from the hustle of the city. The sunset here is almost always amazing. Plus it’s in walking distance from my apartment. 


…take someone visiting from out of town?

La Esquina. There’s nothing more New York than walking up to an unassuming façade selling fast food, getting vetted by a picky doorman and walking downstairs and through a bustling Mexican kitchen in order to get to a stylized subterranean cavern filled with delicious food and beautiful people.

… take a pretty girl who I am very keen on and really want to impress (but not heavy-handedly so) for a meal?

Vietnamese food at Bunker’s new outpost in Bushwick. As I’m half-Vietnamese, their cooking is always the key to my heart. Love the vibe and the food can’t be beat.


… to hang out outside on a bluebird day?

Prospect Park.


… that ladies go to meet a cool and debatably handsome guy like me?

Black Flamingo.


… for a guy to pick up a new outfit for a date, assuming he only has time to hit one shop?
Buffalo Exchange

I’m big into thrift/vintage shopping myself, and I’d be curious to see how they shop/feel about it. I’m not in the business of imposing my taste on men, but they usually have great coats and boots. 


…make my new local hangout?

Schiller’s. I’ve been going for over 10 years.

… to furnish the apartment I just moved into with a lady who may or may not have the same taste that I do?

From the Source in Greenpoint. They have so many unique pieces!

On finding common design ground with your significant other:
I think both people should get an equal say. If your styles don’t vibe together, maybe each one of you can take over the design of a specific room or nook.


…to brunch?

12 Chairs, Pies n Thighs, St. Anselm, Gotan. All about [a brunch date]!


… to get in a quick romantic getaway outside of the city?

I love Phoenicia. Great mix of antique shops, hiking, swimming, outdoor activities, diners and cute boutique hotels (or camping, if you’re up for it).