Assists of Fury

By The Editors
April 24, 2013 9:00 am

Gentlemen, a quick heads up: today is Administrative Professionals’ Day. Forgot to get your assistant a gift? Go ahead and cheat with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Need a new one? Keep reading.

Your quality of office life depends on your personal assistant.

The seraphim of calendaring. The protector from bullshit. The office au pair.

And the best assistants — the ones who work for guys like Barry Diller, George Soros and, ah, P.Diddy — have come from the founder of Silverchair Partners.

Launched by an industry vet who’s placed capable henchmen with some of the biggest names in tech, finance and entertainment, Silverchair’s specialty is finding the perfect match for execs with so much on their plate they’ve forgotten what the plate looks like.

“You won’t find these résumés posted online,” she says.

Like precogs in a cubicle, Silverchair’s assistants know how to anticipate your every need. Like “checking wind patterns to anticipate a rerouted helicopter flight and build an extra 45 minutes into your schedule.” Seriously.

And if they’re good enough for Diddy, they’re good enough for you.

Just try not to make your requests as trying as his.

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