InsideHook Los Angeles

By The Editors
October 22, 2012 9:00 am

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this chance to help your fellow man: InsideHook LA launches today.

Please let your LA friends know that we’ve arrived — they’ll be the first to know that we’re bringing an endless summer of must-know info right to the beachfront property of their inbox.

Here’s what they can expect:

    • We’ll reveal a secret concert in a mansion’s living room, far away from tittering teenagers and sticky floors

    • We’ll introduce a pro soccer coach who makes house calls to train kids

    • We’ll uncover a covert dinner party in a metalsmith’s shop, perfect for a romantic evening away from home

    Just one tip a day for men who are adventurous and driven, and want to make the most of the times when they’re not driving.

    So please, do your LA friends a Big Sur-sized solid and let them know we’ve arrived. And since everyone, even die-hard NY’ers, has business/pleasure in La-La Land, sign yourself up, too.

    We’ll see you out there.


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