An Easy Button for Shakespeare in the Park Tix

Let Host Committee handle the heavy lifting

June 16, 2015 9:00 am

This summer marks the 53rd year of The Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park.

That’s half a century of bead-browed theatergoers lining up outside the Delacorte Theater for hours on end to grab a pair of tix to see famed thespians recite the Bard.

This go-round, we recommend you skip the line. And get free drinks.

You can do just that with a couple clicks via Host Committee, the only outlet in the city offering guaranteed group seating and perks with every ticket.

Works like this: sign up for HC (it’s free) and buy your tickets to see everyone’s favorite District Attorney Sam Waterston star in The Tempest.

You’ll receive four things:

  1. The tickets, for twenty bucks cheaper than you can get them by donating to the Public Theater.
  2. A yearlong membership to the Public Theater, which nets early access, discounted tickets and food and booze on the cheap.
  3. A link to share with your cultural compatriots — they use it to buy their tickets, you all sit together. No more fronting for the whole crew.
  4. A free drink with every ticket.

Should Shakespearean theater not be your thing, Host Committee’s got a line on all sorts of experiences around the city, from Yankees games to the Full Moon Festival to David Byrne’s gonzo color guard show at The Barclays Center.

All with perks you can’t find anywhere else (playing catch on Citi Field: priceless), all with guaranteed group seating without forking over all the cash up front.

Now is the summer of our content, gents.

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