When Not In Use, This Smart TV Camouflages Itself Into Your Wall

Uhh ... where'd your TV go?

By Kirk Miller

Samsung Ambient Mode
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09 March 2018

If you ever wished your TV would go away ... well, Samsung is willing to meet you halfway.

The company just launched its 2018 line of QLED TVs, which includes (natch) great picture quality (like a billion color shades), a lot of smart home tech (voice control, integration with other smart appliances and even a news/weather information display when the TV is in passive mode), a single slim cord for power and data that stretches 45 feet, and a separate box so you can connect all your other devices out of sight.

And speaking of out of sight, the set also has a new feature called Ambient Mode, which basically means the picture mimics the wall behind the TV in order to blend in, chamelon-style, with your living room surroundings.

The TVs are available now, but you’ll need a few thousand dollars to disappear from your bank account to get one.

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