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Wallaby maximizes your credit card rewards

  • 17 July 2012

Figuring out which credit card to use for which miles/rewards can be challenging, especially when your wallet has more plastic than Joan Rivers.

De-hassle your shopping, and ensure you're getting the best deal with every purchase, with Wallaby.

[callout] ... Wallaby auto-magically chooses which card gives you the best kickback [/callout]

Just launched, Wallaby ties all your credit cards to "one card to rule them all." Whenever you swipe that card, Wallaby auto-magically chooses which of your existing cards will give you the biggest kickback for that specific purchase, and completes the transaction.

Simply sign up, register your AmEx, Visa, Mastercard and/or Discover cards into their secure system, and Wallaby will mail you a very sleek card. Wallaby will then begin optimizing your purchases, to wit:

  • Your vacations purchases are directed to the card most likely to give you miles

  • Gas or grocery purchases go to cards offering cash back or one-time promotions

  • Branded cards (like Amazon Visa) take precedence when you shop at that store

Not to worry — you can also manually select your preferences.

Currently in beta, Wallaby is free for the first six months for new users. After that, it’s $50 per year. A small price to pay for big gains.

The Specifics

Wallaby Card

$50 per year

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