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Tingo auto-rebooks your hotel room if the price drops

  • 01 June 2012

When booking a hotel room, there's always that nagging feeling that someone else got a better price for the same suite, whether through superior research or flashing their really big tips.

Get the lowest price, regardless of your personal charms, with Tingo.

Basically a hotel reservation service with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tingo finds and books hotel rooms for you, then continues to monitor the room's asking price to see if it goes down.

If the price of your reserved room drops, Tingo automatically rebooks you at the lower rate. If rates spike, the better deal is already locked in.

To keep you in the know, Tingo emails you each time the total price of your reservation decreases, and then refunds your money to your credit card within a few days after check-out.

Now that you have the best price, checking in will never make you feel like a boob.

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