This $100K Titanium Pen is Mightier, Pricier Than Most Swords

The RMS05 fountain pen employs Swiss watch technology

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This $100K Titanium Pen is Mightier, Pricier Than Most Swords
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28 January 2016

“I bought a $7 pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.” — Mitch Hedberg

While the late, great Hedberg likely would have opted for a high-end offering from Uniball instead of a $105,000 mechanical fountain pen designed to appeal to connoisseurs and collectors by a Swiss watchmaker, the same basic principle applies.

The RMS05 fountain pen from Richard Mille is a writing instrument to be cared about, deeply.

A sublime contraption crafted from a Grade 5 titanium base and bridge, sapphire crystal window, rhodium-plated wheels and a hand-polished nib made of 18K white gold, the RMSO5 incorporates the same technology that is on display in many of Mille’s timepieces.

The RMS05 “uses a self-winding pen calibre to extend” its nib after the button at the top of the pen is pushed and the “mechanism is reset and automatically rewound when the cap is replaced, primed for use.”

It took four years to develop the complex contrivance and, due to the intense construction process, only a limited number will be produced.

Trust us, you’ll care if lose this one.

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RMS05 Fountain Pen

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