The Fall Getaway Guide
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The Fall Getaway Guide

Just because summer's over doesn't mean your vacation is

  • 17 October 2012

Summer’s easy.

Walking bare-ankled and boat-shoe’d to a coffee shop. Reclining in the beach sand. Swinging the fungo bat at little league practice, popping still-white Spaldings across the diamond.

But now it’s fall. A sobering time. When you get back to work, peer studiously at the spreadsheets arrayed across your monitors, and ponder the important questions. Like — good lord, when’s the next federal holiday? I need to get the hell out of here.

We’ve got you. Because you’ve got InsideHook's first-ever, first annual Fall Getaway Guide.

Here's a look at the adventures inside:

  • Camp on 400-thread count sheets with the luxe woodsmen of Shelter Co.

  • Book a South American jungle adventure with the husband-and-wife duo at No Limit X

  • Pack in style with Hard Graft's leather carry-on luggage

There's also HALOjumping from 30,000 feet. Hi-tech air mile calculators. And some damn nice wallets. It’s all in here.

Right this way ...

The Specifics

Fall Getaway Guide


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