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Cell Buy Date

Garage helps you sell your junk via the iPhone

  • 06 August 2012

If success is defined by what you own, your portfolio is getting weighed down by George Foreman grills, high school trackware and that worn VHS copy of Universal Soldier (admittedly, Dolph Lundgren’s finest work).

Get rid of your crap, quickly and easily, via Garage.

Just launched in the U.S., Garage is a free app that lets you photograph, publicize and sell unwanted possessions via your iPhone for a small fee. It’s a virtual riff on the garage sale — or, as the site’s non-native speakers so charmingly surmise, the “typical american [sic] way of our things facing the house.”

It’s a breeze to use: open the app, take a pic (or four) of whatever you're selling, type in a description, location and price, and then publish to other Garage users and the larger Facebook/Twitter-verse.

It’s free to list, and you can choose to sell at a set price or to the highest bidder. Payments are completed by credit card or Paypal (note: the site charges 4% plus 50 cents on each purchase).

Looking to buy? A simple keyword search turns up a variety of tschotskes (furniture, toys), high-tech gear (iPads, cameras) and some wonderfully tacky stuff, like a studded leather jacket tricked out in American and Soviet flags — a good find if you held on to that copy of Dolph’s other masterpiece.

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