Those Blobs From Summer Camp? You Can Buy One.

A better addition to the lake house, there is not

By Evan Bleier

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10 August 2017

“Cannonball” is a much-revered phrase that’s drawn respect, attention and the ire of the elderly for decades.

And it's a phrase you'll be hearing a lot more often if you get your hands on your own personal Fat Boys Blob. The 33' x 12' x 10' Fat Boys Blob was designed by a team of BYU engineers for “maximum launch height from a cliff, platform or a two-story houseboat.” All you gotta do is nestle yourself on the Blob's front end while two others cannonball onto the opposite end, propelling you up and out into the water below.

The holder of two Guinness World Records for water launches, the peanut-shaped floating platform doesn’t require anchors, as it rests on buoys. It inflates in as little as a half hour — as long as you have a leaf blower.

Weighing close to 300 pounds, the Fat Boys Blob is priced at $3,500 and ships free in the U.S.


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