This Camp Canteen Has Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Because maximalists hear the call of the wild, too

By Reuben Brody

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30 May 2017

You can’t pack everything needed to make a gourmet meal in the woods.

But at least you can pack the kitchen sink.

That's if you've got a setup from Trail Kitchens, a camp kitchen gear purveyor that makes systems that store neatly in lockers. With a surface area of a medium-sized table, their Wrangler Camping System provides everything a maximalist camper could even want in a outdoor canteen, all of which slides out on sturdy stainless steel and aluminum rails.

It’s surprisingly light for it’s size — 100 pounds and 12-square-feet of workspace. Add in a sink with running water and LED lights to help with cooking and cleaning at night and you've got a camp kitchen worthy of envy. 

camp kitchen (3 images)

And you don't even need a generator. The system is powered via a 12 volt charger that can connect to your car's dash socket.

In addition to a six-gallon water tank, which can also connect to a hand-held shower unit, the company also offers a stand with side arms for your grill and a prep station.

Pro campers frequently do their prepping before setting sail because it saves time and makes cleaning easier. But if you’re camping for longer periods of time, or buying the food en route, this option gives you a solid setup.

It’ll also take tailgating to the next level. Head on over to Trail Kitchens for more info.

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