Red Bull's Cliff Diving Squad Threw America's Best Eclipse Party

What'd you do? Take a picture?

By Reuben Brody

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23 August 2017

Maybe you live somewhere along the path of the recent solar eclipse.

Maybe you drove someplace special to see it.

Maybe you’re worried that you eyesight is now hindered.

But it’s highly unlikely that you were jumping from a 33 foot-high platform into a small pool as the moon passed over the sun. That feat was accomplished by Red Bull’s U.S. Cliff Diving Team on Monday’s historic astronomical happening. The shoot, done by photographer Dustin Snipes, took place in McMinnville, Oregon. You'll wanna take a look at the video above.

cliff diving eclipse (2 images)

“The entire experience was surreal and almost magical,” says David Colturi, one of the cliff divers. “The crazy dichotomy of diving in daylight throughout the partial eclipse phases, then working very hard and fast to get all four divers off the tower during the 55 seconds of extreme darkness during totality, was an incredible feat from everyone on the team.”

One could only imagine. And they didn’t wear protective glasses.

“None of us went blind since we were concentrating on our individual and team tasks, but we still got a chance to look around and take in the amazing atmosphere,” Colturi says. “It's definitely one of the coolest cliff dives any of us have ever done, and a moment we'll never forget.”

It wasn’t all fun and games. The team was also preparing for their upcoming competition in Hell’s Gate Cliffs at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas on September 3rd, where thousands of spectators will watch from the water.

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