Why Everyone Should—and Can—Learn to Play the Piano

Concert pianist James Rhodes believes playing music 'nourishes your soul.'

July 30, 2017 5:00 am

James Rhodes, a concert pianist, created a guide to teach everyone to play the piano in just six weeks because he believes in the power of classical music.

In his memoir, Instrumental, Rhodes wrote that music saved his life, a sentiment that he doesn’t believe is unique to him. He told the BBC that the one universal thing—more than football or religion—is music.

“It goes beyond language, beyond words, beyond socio-economic status, beyond color and creed and religion,” Rhodes says in a video

In his second book, How to Play the Piano, Rhodes created a guide that enables anyone, including those who have never touched the instrument before, to play a familiar Bach prelude in just six weeks.

The musician says that its never to late to learn. He wanted to write his second book because so many people said to him that they used to play the piano but had given up. For just 40 minutes a day, people can sit down and play an “immortal piece of music” that’s not complicated to play.

Rhodes says that classical music nourishes you in places that go beneath words and pictures and images, and that it “polishes your soul.”

And the good news? You never have to play scales.

Head over to the BBC to watch the full video.

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