Listen to Radiohead’s Very Unnecessary “Very 2021” Remix of “Creep”

File this under "things no one asked for"

Radiohead's Thom Yorke at the Rock in Rome summer festival
Mondadori via Getty Images

Today in “things that absolutely don’t need to exist but do nonetheless”: Radiohead has released a new slowed-down remix of their 1992 hit “Creep.”

“Creep (Very 2021 Rmx),” remixed by Thom Yorke for Japanese designer Jun Takahashi’s fashion show, brings the pace way down, stretching the just-under-four-minute original out into a whopping nine minutes and adding some eerie synths.

The result is a sleepy, drawn-out track that doesn’t really do much of anything to improve upon the original. (But really, how could it?) “Creep” is an outlier in the Radiohead catalog, of course — far more straightforward and pop-influenced than pretty much anything else they’ve done in the decades since — and the band famously distanced itself from it, leaving it out of their setlist for many years. (It has, however, managed to…well, creep back in during recent performances.) In some ways, the “Very 2021” remix feels like an attempt to make it sound more like the rest of their work, but that’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. “Creep” is perfect as-is. Why do we need to mess with it?

If you love the original but wish it was more than twice as long and half as interesting, check out the remixed version (along with some new artwork from Takahashi) below.

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