Twitter Keeps Flagging Tweets From The Kinks as “Sensitive Content”

Dave Davies is begging Elon Musk for help removing the warning labels attached to his posts

The Kinks, circa 1965.
The Kinks, circa 1965.

Since he purchased Twitter last year, there have been countless people upset by the way Elon Musk is running the social media platform. But there’s at least one person whose frustrations with Musk-era Twitter are totally unique: according to legendary Kinks guitarist Dave Davies, his tweets about his band keep getting flagged on the platform as “sensitive content.”

Davies recently posted a screenshot of a tweet of his promoting a Kinks video with a warning label attached to it. “We put a warning on this tweet because it might have sensitive content,” the label reads.

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“Dear @elonmusk would @Twitter please stop putting warnings on everything from ‘the Kinks,’” the musician wrote. “We are just trying to promote our music @TheKinks #thekinks60”

Later, just to clarify in case Musk happens to be unfamiliar with one of the greatest bands of the 20th century, he added, “The Kinks are a brand name. We have been called the Kinks since 1963.”

That last point is especially significant this year, as the band celebrates its 60th anniversary. In March, they’ll release The Journey – Part 1, the first of a two-part greatest-hits anthology to mark the occasion. Presumably, Davies will want to use social media to promote the collection without his posts getting flagged because Twitter’s algorithm can’t tell the difference between tweets about sexual kinks and tweets about his band. Musk, meanwhile seems more focused on increasing engagement on his own tweets.

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