Your Guide to Miami’s “Sold Out” Fall Concerts (And What You Can Pay to See Them)

Are you willing to spend four figures to see Drake up close and not exactly personal?

September 8, 2023 7:42 am
Collage of musicians playing fall concerts in and around Miami, including Wu-Tang Clan, Ed Sheeran, Drake and Lana Del Rey
Thought you missed out on these fall shows? Think again.

Miami’s fall concert season is pretty great. We’ve got legendary hip-hop acts, top-selling modern-day rappers, Latin Grammy winners and hardcore legends playing sold-out rooms until Thanksgiving.

All of the following shows are officially “sold out,” though the term doesn’t mean much when you can purchase a secondary market ticket just as easily as a regular one. To help you weigh the pros and cons of attending all of autumn’s hottest shows, we’ve rounded them up below with the actual ticket prices, should you be so inclined. If you can still buy standard tickets for the show, we didn’t include it — here you’ll find only the most in-demand concerts in Miami this fall. 

While you can find “verified resale” tickets on Ticketmaster, we’re going with StubHub because they typically offer more options. We also chose StubHub over SeatGeek because in our experience, the fees are more transparent on the former site. Finally, based on our own survey, StubHub has the most tickets available for each show. But prices are about the same no matter which reseller you choose. 

Lil Baby at FLA Live Arena, September 22

They grow up so fast. Tickets start at $102, floor tickets $401.

Wu-Tang Clan and Nas at Hard Rock Live, September 22

The New York State of Mind tour heads south. This is the Nas New York State of Mind tour, not the Billy Joel New York State of Mind tour. Tickets start at $94, floor tickets $422.

Lana Del Rey at iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre, September 23

Is “beach goth” a thing? I know Lana doesn’t typically wear black or fishnets, but if sounding sad near the water had an unofficial soundtrack, it’s her music. Tickets start at $126, floor tickets $776.

Daughtry at Lillian S. Wells Hall at The Parker Playhouse, September 27

We’re in Year 17 of Daughtry’s post-American Idol career, and I cannot wrap my mind around why this is still working, but good for him. He’s not Kelly Clarkson or Jennifer Hudson or Adam Lambert or Carrie Underwood, but he’s in the top five Idol success stories, right? Tickets start at $68.

Drake and 21 Savage at Kaseya Center, September 28 and 29

Maybe this show is so in demand because it’s in the round? Maybe it’s because it has been impossible to turn on the radio during the last decade without hearing one of these artists? September 28 tickets start at $405, floor tickets $900. September 29 tickets start at $485, floor tickets $1,125.

Death Grips at Revolution Live at the Backyard, September 29

Death Grips have gone from a will-they-or-won’t-they-show-up act to a dependable touring band with secondhand tickets going for more than triple face value. We live in weird times. Tickets start at $104.

Ty Dolla $ign at Oasis Wynwood, September 30

Need some R&B crooning in your life? Tickets start at $47.

Kany García at Miami Beach Bandshell, September 30 and October 6

The Latin Grammy Award winner has two sold-out shows at the Miami Beach Bandshell a week apart. The songwriting really shines in her new Tiny Desk concert. September 30 tickets start at $194. October 6 tickets start at $91.

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Ashnikko at Revolution Live, October 6

She sounds better closer to Halloween. Tickets start at $50.

Depeche Mode at Kaseya Center, October 12

They also sound better closer to Halloween. Tickets start at $168, floor tickets $585.

Jonas Brothers at Kaseya Center, October 14

I do not believe people that look like this regularly eat at Waffle House. Tickets start at $58, floor tickets $360.

Ed Sheeran at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, October 22

Sheeran just broke an attendance record in Canada. Based on his decade-plus popularity and the quite large secondary ticket markup, maybe this show should have been in a bigger space. Tickets start at $277, floor tickets $608.

Playboi Carti at Kaseya Center, October 24

He’s a 13-year veteran and only 26 (27 by the time of this show). Tickets start at $84, floor tickets $256.

Jason Aldean at at iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre, October 27

If you thought the guy that performs “Try That in a Small Town” didn’t dress up as the Tiger King, you’d be wrong. If you think the guy that performs “Try That in a Small Town” doesn’t look like the Tiger King every day of his life, you’d be wrong twice. Tickets start at $105, floor tickets $806.

Gorilla Biscuits at Gramps, November 7

Yes, a hardcore show featuring a legendary New York City act is already sold out and tickets are going for more than four times face. Tickets start at $136.

Jessie Murph at Revolution Live, November 11

We’re not saying she’s the next Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish, but the 18-year-old out of Nashville is having next-big-thing success with not-exactly-country pop hits. If and when Murph returns, the show will be at a much larger venue. Tickets start at $33.

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