Bob Dylan’s 1970 Collaboration With George Harrison Included in New Box Set

An interesting exploration of a deep musical archive

Bob Dylan
An especially interesting piece of the Dylan archives.
Columbia Records

Over the last decade and change, Bob Dylan has made more and more music from his archives available, ranging from alternate recordings of classic songs to previously-unheard sessions and live sets. Now, another piece of his archives is due to get the deluxe reissue treatment, and it’s a big one — a 1970 recording session teaming Dylan with George Harrison.

At Pitchfork, Matthew Strauss has more information on the project. On May 1, 1970, Dylan and Harrison convened in the studio to play a total of 9 songs, which are included on the new collection. 1970 (50th Anniversary Collection) will include a total of 74 songs — the Harrison collaboration as well as outtakes from Self-Portrait and New Morning.

This collection was released in limited quantities earlier this year for purposes of copyright extensions, and will get a fuller commercial release across 3 CDs on February 26, 2021. The full track listing, which includes a number of Dylan originals as well as some intriguing covers, can be found on Dylan’s website.

For fans of both Dylan and Harrison, this is an intriguing piece of musical history finally seeing wide release. What else might still be in the archives? The 50th anniversary of 1971 is just around the corner.

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