Bob Dylan Dedicates His New Book to Dunkin’ Donuts

The legendary musician is apparently a big pastry guy

Bob Dylan performs on Day 5 of Roskilde Festival on July 3, 2019 in Roskilde, Denmark.
Bob Dylan performs on Day 5 of Roskilde Festival on July 3, 2019 in Roskilde, Denmark.

Bob Dylan’s new book The Philosophy of Modern Song was officially released yesterday, and in addition to the legendary musician’s thoughts on more than 60 songs by other artists, it contains a revelation about his pastry preferences; the book’s dedication page includes a line thanking “all the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts.”

“Special thanks to my fishing buddy Eddie Gorodetsky for all the input and excellent source material, Sean Manning, Jackie Seow, Sal and Jeremy the Hot Rod Kings, all the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts, P.K. Ferguson (‘no hard and fast rules here’), and Jonathan Karp for his unwavering enthusiasm, expert advice, and encouraging me to stick with this, who said all the right things at the right time when I needed to hear them,” Dylan’s acknowledgement reads.

It’s unclear whether Dylan is referring to the employees of the chain or if he has a crew of doughnut-loving buddies that he regularly hangs out with at his local Dunkin’, but either way, it’s fun to imagine strolling in to pick up a box of Munchkins and stumbling upon the recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature enjoying a coffee and a cruller while he uses their free wifi to work on his book. (Or do we think Dylan’s more of a Boston Kreme guy? Does he take his coffee black, or now that the holidays are upon us, will he opt for a Cookie Butter Signature Latte? There’s much to ponder here.)

β€œThe Philosophy of Modern Song could only have been written by Bob Dylan,” publisher Simon & Schuster said in a statement. “His voice is unique, and his work conveys his deep appreciation and understanding of songs, the people who bring those songs to life, and what songs mean to all of us.”

For more non-doughnut-related Dylan insights, you can buy The Philosophy of Modern Song  here.

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