Holy Shift

By The Editors
May 24, 2014 9:00 am

Look at that f***ing car.

Open-top. Two-seats. 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. Talking 1,550 lbs. of American muscle.

It goes by the Beast, creation número uno from new Santa Ana supercar maker Rezvani.

But will it ever see the open road?

According to Rezvani’s website, you can commission a build today (expect construction to take six-to-eight months).

The turbocharged, supercharged, six-speed roadster comes in two models (300 or 500 horsepower), both of which check in under $150k (or about one-eighth the price of a McLaren F1).

Too good to be true? Perhaps.

Jalopnik hack Jason Torchinsky recently raised an eyebrow at The Beast, calling into question the pedigree of company founder Fardeez Rezvani.

Rezvani’s response: we’ll let our car do the talking, please and thank you.

The first build is (allegedly) underway. Rezvani say they’ll be documenting progress from partner facility N2A Motors.

Our advice: wait till that guy’s got keys in hand before making any down payments.

Until then, fingers crossed.

But just look at that f***ing car.

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