Los Angeles: Let’s get weird

If only for a day.

May 14, 2015 9:00 am

There’s the L.A. the glossies want you to believe.

Botox. Pool parties. Jay Z noshing vegan tacos.

And then there’s the L.A. no one knows about.

Which, frankly, we’d like to keep that way.

But for 24 hours, let’s celebrate it, at Obscura Day, an annual celebration of all things quirky from the bizarro historians at Atlas Obscura.

This year’s festivities go down May 30th, and a whopping 18 are in SoCal, each devoted to exploring some oddity or hideout that is — like a member of the Addams Family — a thing.

If you wanted, you could conceivably check-off 5-6 on this strangest of days, provided you stay within city limits.

Of note:

If you’re looking to go a little further afoot, try a giant pinball party played entirely on vintage cabinets in Pasadena or falconry lessons in Palmdale.

To close out the night, be sure to stop by Hermosa Park to celebrate with the Atlas crowd.

Spots are moving fast, so don’t be a square.

Get your tickets.  

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