Kitty Pride

March 21, 2014 9:00 am

Britannia, we have a lot to thank you for.

The Stones. Naomi Campbell. Dr. Who. Tasty ales.

And now: high-class orgies.

Introducing Killing Kittens, a British sex club that advertises itself as an “Eyes Wide Shut Party” for the “sexual elite,” landing on all fours in L.A. May 28th and now taking memberships.

Helmed by a former schoolmate/rowing partner to Princess Kate, Killing Kittens was founded as a safe place for lissome ladies to prowl.

The parties are thrown in swanky London flats, palatial estates and yachts harbored in St. Tropez. And now, L.A. (Their tag line: “The British are coming.”)

You’ll need to bring a lady you feel comfortable sharing, and who’s comfortable sharing you. You’re required to wear a suit and mask (they sell some).

Getting in requires membership. Ducats notwithstanding, you’ll need debonaire looks, Alfie-like joie de vivre and very good manners.

The number one rule: men don’t approach women.

After all, you don’t go to cats. They come to you.  

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