Quake Me Out

By The Editors
March 31, 2014 9:00 am

Your humble correspondent has Earth-surfed his way through several California tremors (including Friday’s) and numerous hurricanes, including Katrina. Luck favors the prepared. Here’s how to be that guy.

The Bag
Duffles have more room but backpacks are easier to manage. Lexdray’s Tahoe Duffle is both. With comfy foam straps and ballistic stitching, it can neatly carry all these things. You should probably also have a nice sleeping bag.

The Tools
Tool #1: the Trucker’s Friend. It’ll help you move debris. Tool #2: the Cruz Tool Roll. It’s designed for motorcycles but will handle most needs, like turning off your home’s gas. Tool #3: the titanium-bladed Dervish. Because knives.

The Light
The Snowpeak Miner’s headlamp will allow you to keep your hands free, and it converts to a lantern with a hook so you can hang it up. The Survival Spark is a reusable fire starter that works in all conditions.

The Food
The Paleo MRE from Rogue Fitness is an essential mix of jerky and nuts, giving you a tasty blast of protein. Also, carry plenty of water. Five liters should suffice. Once that runs out, you’ll need a SteriPEN.

The Radio
Keep up with the news via a simple shortwave radio, like the Tescun PL-310. It’s lightweight, has a clock/alarm and doesn’t drain batteries. On that note: grab a pack each of AA and AAA. Lithium’s a must. 

The First Aid
Keep your first-aid kit in a GORUCK Pelican Case. You’ll want bandages, antiseptic, an antibiotic ointment (Neosporin, e.g.) and Q-tips. And don’t forget painkillers and a little whiskey. Frontier medicine: it still works.

The Gun
We’re not advocating anything but preparedness here: the Sig Sauer P229 is easy to learn, easy to handle, and doesn’t suffer from the Glock’s herky-jerky recoil. When you’re not on the run, stow it in a safe by Gun Box.

Rough estimate, all-in: $1750

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