Wine Tour Bike Race? Saddle Up.

From Italy, with wine

By The Editors
February 23, 2015 9:00 am

Many think doping in sports is sacrilege.

Grantland contributor Chuck Klosterman argues otherwise: the Bambino was drunk; the Beatles were stoned.

Does that diminish their work? Nope.

And nor will a healthy buzz pale your achievements if you decide to saddle up for Eroica, an Italian-bred bicycle festival in which participants pedal up and down the Central Coast while pit-stopping at wineries all along the way.

Caveat: you’ve gotta mount a steer built before 1987.

That means no super lightweight frames. No stop-on-a-dime brakes. No slick gears. No rock-proof ties.

Oh, and very few paved roads.

This April, Paso Robles will host Eroica’s first California race with three routes: Short (41 miles), Medium (85) and Long (123).

Like its European progenitor, it lasts three days and includes a vintage bicycle fair where aficionados show off their wheels. Think of it as a Vintage Ferrari meet for cycling geeks.

So take the family or the boys up for the weekend. They’ll have live music, Italian food and copious cups of Central Coast vino.

Registration is still open for the fair and the ride.

But hotels are booking quickly — so get to spinning.

Images courtesy of John Watson.


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