The Kickass LA Halloween Parties You Need to Book ASAP

Pick your poison: Live music, house party or a chic club

September 25, 2018 9:00 am

In our opinion, the best late nights (or early mornings) tend to occur spontaneously.

Hence why we typically forgo New Year’s Eve extravaganzas, St. Paddy’s parades and any occasion that triggers Surge Fares.

But we’ll make one exception: Halloween, the one day on which donning a costume and acting a fool with a roomful of strangers hasn’t lost its charm.

If you feel the same, consider one of these three elegant, highbrow, devilishly fun ways to celebrate in 2018.

Wreather (2 images)

You Want to Avoid Crowds: Disco Dining Club + The Grim Wreather
Pico Union

You read that pun correctly: wreather. The Grim Wreather makes ghoulish and outrageous door decorations, and has partnered with the good folks at Disco Dining Club for The Flowering of the Strange Orchid. It’s an underground dinner party with a three-night run that’s limited to 50 diners per seating, involves a florally haunted house, delicious five-course meal, cocktails, wine and lots of monster mashing.

You Want Something Sexy and Exclusive: SoHo House
West Hollywood

The Soho House West Hollywood is going full Baz Lurhmann for its annual Halloween party, decking out the entire club as though it were La Belle Epoque from Moulin Rouge. Costumes will be set to that theme, with seductive courtesans performing the can-can, tango dancers, acrobats, green fairies serving absinthe and a few crooners. Be forewarned: it’s members only, so you’ll either need to know a guy or join stat.

KCRW (2 images)

You Want to Dance Yourself to Death: KCRW Masquerade Ball

The Los Angeles Theater still has its golden-era charms, and with tons of nooks, crannies and balconies, it plays well as a backdrop to a thematic party. KCRW is throwing its Masquerade Ball there this year, and the billing is worth your attention: Santigold, White Denim, Cherry Glazerr, Dam-Funk and performing arts company Lucent Dossier. There’s a costume contest, so come strong.

Photo credit: Dustin Downing

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