Welcome to Nonstop Nut November

The Nonstop Nut meme has gained popularity as a seasonal alternative to the controversial No Nut November challenge. Allow us to explain.

mix of various nuts background above closeup
Nuts as far as the eye can see, baby.

It is with great honor that I inform you that the answer to the annual question, “So are we nutting this November or not?” is yes. In fact, we’re doing it constantly.

That seems to be the implication of “Nonstop Nut November,” anyway, the alliterative counterpart to the controversial No Nut November movement that’s taking over certain corners of the internet this year. For those of you have no idea what I’m talking about, No Nut November is an annual internet “challenge” that encourages men to forgo ejaculation by way of partnered sex or masturbation for the entire month of November. But what many assumed was little more than a harmless and largely satirical internet meme has, in recent years, proven to have dark origins in puritanical anti-porn crusades, as well as unsavory ties to antiquated, sex-negative and often misogynistic ideas about sex, masturbation and masculinity, including one that holds ejaculate as the currency of masculinity, which can be “saved up” to maximize virility.

“The No Nut November movement is a recruiting tool for the anti-porn groups and is based upon deeply misogynistic, heteronormative and antiquated ideas of masculinity and sex,” clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr. David J. Ley told InsideHook last year. “By promoting the idea that self-control, manliness, morality and virility are best demonstrated by abstinence, this movement replicates the ideas of the late 1800s, when Kellogg invented Corn Flakes as an anti-masturbation food. People who don’t have sex are not better at self-control than other people, and resisting masturbation doesn’t make you a better person or a stronger man.”

It’s also worth noting that while No Nut November is sometimes presented as a health challenge, many health professionals have pointed out that abstaining from ejaculation for long periods of time is actually unhealthy for men and may be linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer.

In light of these unflattering revelations, a number of anti-No Nut November movements have sprung up in recent years, including Nonstop Nut November. While many of the counter-campaigns fighting back against this annual ode to autumnal abstinence are promoted by the porn platforms or organizations that No Nut November actively attacks, Nonstop Nut November appears to be more of a meme than an official campaign. According to Know Your Meme, the first Urban Dictionary entry for Nonstop Nut November appeared in 2018, marking one of the earliest known references to the season. Nonstop Nut November memes have since appeared on platforms like Reddit and Twitter in subsequent years, and the season is usually celebrated by “hornyposting through memes and lewd fan art,” per Know Your Meme.

Whether or not anyone is or has ever physically participated in this challenge beyond the memes and lewd art is unclear, but rest assured this call for continuous nutting is not to be taken literally. Actual non-stop ejaculation for 30 days is 1) an unsettling visual, and 2) physically impossible. For those who would like the honor of participating in this annual challenge, however, it seems one need only orgasm three times a day for the month of November, at least according to Nonstop Nut November’s inaugural Urban Dictionary entry, though others seem to have settled for more moderate once-daily orgasms.

Ultimately, whether you nut nonstop or not at all this November is really no one’s business, least of all the internet’s. Still, I’d like to wish a very happy Nonstop Nut November to all who celebrate.

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