Watch a Bowler Break a World Record by Scoring a Perfect 300 in Under 90 Seconds

For many of us, going to the bowling alley is an exercise in humility; if we even get the ball going the proper speed and avoid the gutter, it’s a success. If a few pins actually fall, we’re content.

Of course, there are those in the other lanes who bowl with a certain finesse—think The Big Lebowski—that leads you to believe they’ve spent many a night at the alley, figuring out the right spin and form. This becomes clear when their lanes’ pins fall in unison time after time.

But one such bowler, Ben Ketola of Preble, New York, has made even the best of the best look bad. He set what is believed to be a world record by bowling a perfect 300 in just 86.9 seconds. It doesn’t hurt that Ketola works where he bowls, per

Watch the incredible feat below.



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