This TikToker Perfectly Recreates Every Boring Work Conversation You’ve Ever Had

"One of those weeks."

This TikToker Perfectly Recreates Every Boring Work Conversation You’ve Ever Had

Listen, we’re all guilty of participating in mundane work chat, using the same tired corporate lingo over and over and over again. Most of the time, though, it goes unnoticed, likely because we’ve become so habituated to it. Except when you witness work speak beyond the confines of work.

Last week, a video from TikTok user @corporayshid was gaining some attention on the video-sharing app and Twitter for its spot-on imitation of the first five minutes of every Zoom meeting you’ve ever been in, and it stars all the phrases we know and hate: “Happy Wednesday,” “one of those weeks” and “let me ping him.” User @corporayshid mentions how he’s been going on daily walks “just to feel like a commuter” and checks in to make sure everyone on the call can hear him okay, but spends most of the video waiting for that one person to join so the meeting can start, leaving him to contemplate out loud if they should just begin without them.

The video is impressively accurate but pretty grueling to watch. As one commenter wrote on TikTok: “This made me close out of the app, congrats.”

Watching in horror at @corporayshid’s now-viral video you will, like many others, realize you have never had a single unique experience in your entire life. Especially if you browse the rest of @corporayshid’s TikTok account, which features similar, scarily accurate corporate life POVs.

Like “POV: you just started at a new company” and his reenactment of a work happy hour. Both of which make me want to die.


Reply to @vanessab6496 it’s good to finally put a face to a name! #corporate #happyhour #workfromhome #corporayshid #tech #sliders #smalltok

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As cringy as they are, I can’t stop watching, and it seems neither can the rest of the internet. Some users compared the skits to a viral 2019 Twitter video that was posted by The Tonight Show writer Matt Buechele which is another wildly accurate portrayal of an office meeting (back when people had meetings in-office.)

And while these videos are hitting a bit too close to home, we’re all probably going to keep talking like this, so we may as well learn to laugh about it.

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