YouTube Stars Team RAR Move Into Frank Sinatra’s Westwood Home

Same house, very different celebrities

Team RAR house
Where to live if you're a beloved crooner or a YouTube collective.

The nature of celebrity in America has changed a lot from the heyday of Frank Sinatra to the advent of viral video stars. But some aspects of 21st century fame hark back to bygone decades and centuries — including the desire for a sumptuous place to live. And that interest in a particularly luxurious home can sometimes make history rhyme in the most unexpected ways.

Take the case of Team RAR, described on their website as “a collective of friends that create epic content of their adventures, challenges, experiments, and daily life.” When the collective sought a new place to live, they found themselves residing in Holmby Hills, an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles’s Westwood region.

Popular YouTubers setting up shop in a posh mansion might not be that newsworthy, but there’s something about this particular home that makes Team RAR’s choice particularly notable. As Taylor Lorenz of The New York Times noted on Twitter, Team RAR’s new home isn’t just a sprawling estate whose amenities include a tennis court and a swimming pool. The house, as it turns out, once belonged to a certain crooner with Hoboken roots.

All told, the house offers its residents 15,000 square feet. And Sinatra wasn’t the only iconic musician to call it home: Future lived there for a while as well. As for what Team RAR has planned, that remains to be seen; with this new space, though, one can assume that they’re going to do it their way.

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